January 9th

Ok, not even 10 day in and this is getting trying. I think once the weather is a bit better it will be a little easier. I am NOT a cold weather fan and wandering around when it’s 30-40 degrees out is NOT my idea of a good time. The days are awfully short too, so that’s not helping. Grrrr… Oh well, I’ll get over it! 🙂 Shooting inside tonight once I get home from work, will post the last 3 days tonight 🙂 Thanx for stopping by and thanx for your patients! 🙂




January 7th

I was a bit high-strung today; It’s football day!!!! Saints in the playoffs again this year! Playing the Lions tonight, a little stressed. Heading to Southside tonight to watch the game with the Lancaster’s (who are Lions fans!). Should be a good night! Jersey is ready to go… and Jager machine called our names a few times (Starry Nights for Saints scores! :-D) Annnnd… it looks like a full moon!

January 3rd

Hello again all! So, back to work today for a 24 hour shift; I knew these would end up being my hard days… Also, it’s FREAKIN’ C.O.L.D and WINDY outside and this little chicky is soooo not going to go tromping around today to find some cool bugs, plants, animals etc, so photos today will be brief and limited! 🙂 Hope you find them interesting none the less 🙂 …Oh yeah, and for those of you who don’t know, I am a Paramedic, so my pics today are a couple of “tools of the trade” 😉