I consider myself an artist.  As such, I feel as though many of the photographs I produce become a part of who I am as an artist and meld with, and help define my soul.  It can be very difficult for me at times when I post photos to social media and they get no likes or comments or any kind of reaction.  If you love it, tell me!  If you hate it, TELL ME!  Aaaaaggghhh, I need SOME kind of reaction!

This photo is from a wedding I shot for a friend a few weeks ago.  During the pre-wedding fun, she had mentioned that she didn’t have a photographer, and I was NOT going to let that happen!  Much to my dismay, at the rehearsal, I learned that there was actually was another person who had already been tapped to be shooting.  I was a bit heart broken – I am not a huge fan of shooting weddings (ok, that’s not entirely true, I love weddings, I hate editing for 40 hours after the event!), but had become very excited to be able to offer such an awesome person some fun, quality, personal photos of her gorgeous wedding day.  The fact that I was now competing with a GWC for the best shots, and was now (I felt) relegated to the back burner was gut wrenching.  I felt like I had been stomped on.  The day of the wedding, I tried to coordinate with this other person and tried to stay out of her way while still getting the shots that I knew were going to be great.  She must have had supersonic hearing though because every time I would click my shutter while she was occupied with something else suddenly she would appear and take the SAME SHOT I had just taken.  I don’t know that I have ever been so annoyed.  And, she thought herself oh so cleaver when she snapped a shot of me behind the outhouse (Farm wedding) sign that I had been using as stabilization for a long exposure shot.  After much cackling she clucked “wrong place at the wrong time I guess!”  Really?  You just took what you think is a hilariously funny unflattering picture of the person who you feel most threatened by.  Way to stay classy bitch.

Back to this photo though – I love it.  I’m sure not everyone will though, and that is ok.  I think it is romantic and beautiful and captures the couple very well, and to me, it’s perfect.  Please feel free to let me know what you think – goo, bad, or ugly.  This is how we grow and learn.  Thanks for the input:)


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