Film! Where did you go?!?


The topic today for the Daily Post is “Going Obsolete“; they want to hear about what technology has become obsolete in your lifetime that you miss the most.

While I could try to wax poetically about the joys of dos, dot matrix printers, and 5 1/4 floppy discs, I will save those for other posts. What I truly miss the most is FILM!  I REALLY MISS ANALOG PHOTOGRAPHY!  I miss the nature of film, and the texture.  I miss being able to manipulate my images with temperature and time.  I miss using my hands in the darkroom to dodge and burn and focusing on grain when making enlargements and the smell of the chemicals.  I miss the accidents and mistakes that end up being amazing photos.  I miss slide film and feeling like a bad ass when I got a whole roll of properly exposed slides.  I miss talking to photographers that had to learn the ropes like I did in that most new “photographers” can’t discuss aperture, F-stop, and how they relate; and dear lord don’t say ASA if you don’t want to be looked at like you have 3 heads!  I miss contact sheets, and loupes, and sharpies.  I miss 3200 speed film and it’s big grain, and 50 speed with it’s barely there grain.  I miss Velvia and T-Max and Portra and even sometime Ilford with you wanted to color print B&W.  I miss my big workhorse Nikon F4s and how it would do whatever I told it to do.  Sigh… Those were the days.

Believe it or not, I even miss that little bit of stress involved in waiting for your film to finish developing to make sure you actually have images on it.


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