January 1st

Greeting and Happy New Year!!!
Well, here we are with the first post for the year. All of these photos were taken on the 1st, but I did not get a chance to upload them until the 2nd.
When I was brainstorming for this project, I thought it would be fun to pick some of my favorite photographers and on their birthday, shoot in their style. I didn’t think I’d be starting the year with a birthday homage, but it so happens that January 1st would have been the birthday of Alfred Stieglitz. Stieglitz was born January 1, 1864 and died July 13, 1946. Some of his most know images are those of his wife Georgia O’Keeffe, a series he did of clouds which was entitled “Equivalents”, and the industrialization of the nation. He was friends with Picasso and Rodin and heavily influenced by cubism. According to PBS, “Stieglitz witnessed New York transform from a sleeping giant of cobblestone streets and horse-drawn trolleys to a vibrant symbol of the modern metropolis, with soaring skyscrapers becoming visible emblems of a new age.” One biographer describes his views of the city saying he produced “atmospheric, romantic” views of the city. I thought the Richmond Canal Walk would give me a great opportunity to show a romantic side of the city and incorporate some of the shapes that Stieglitz would have appreciated. The shots in black and white are my Stieglitzesq photos, and the ones left in color are for me:) Some of the photos you will notice have a very blurry effect with vignetting around the edges, these are with one of my new toys, a Holga lens for my digital camera! 😀 Enjoy!


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